Class C Camper for Sale in Europe

Available Spring or Summer, 2020

2001 Fiat Ducato Rotec (German built) Diesel, 68,000 miles. Manual transmission. Sleeps and seats 4. 19 ft long fits in regular parking spots. Third owner, purchased from BW Campers in Amsterdam in May, 2015. Refrigerator/freezer, wet bath with European cassette toilet, 3 burner stove, ducted furnace, awning, bike rack. Added or replaced since purchase: 140 watt solar system, refillable propane tank, starter and coach batteries, water pump, reversing vent fan, 12 volt fan, bathroom faucet, LED lights, back up camera, tires, brakes, both rear stub axles and bearings, timing belt, and motor mounts.(Have all receipts and manuals.) Queen size over cab bed with memory foam topper and bedding. Dishes, cutlery, utensils, pots and pans, outdoor table and chairs, extra toilet cassette, much more. Just bring your clothes and toiletries. Pictures and complete details on registration, insurance, etc. at website Currently stored near Edinburgh. Can arrange delivery to you in the UK or EU. $14,900.  

Why We Are Selling

We have been RV traveling in Europe, regularly, since 2009, and some recent health issues have caused us to want to change our mode of travel. 

ROTEC coach built in Germany

  • Queen size overcab bed with memory foam topper, underbed European slats with ducted heat so no condensation issues--sheets, pillows, duvet cover, medium down comforter, light poly comforter. 2 windows, 1 opening, reading light, net safety barrier, removable ladder
  • Dinette: seats 4, 2 front facing seats have shoulder and lap belts so you can use carseats; table drops down and bench seats pull out to make second bed 77 inches long, 47 inches wide. There are 3 additional cushions to make bed. 1 extra queen fitted sheet. We added two under table drawers. ( Add a Drawer). Dual reading lights
  • Full wet bath: medicine cabinet, two additional storage areas, sink with pull out faucet for shower, faucet replaced 2019. All European campers have cassette toilets removed through dedicated doors to outside. We replaced cassette in 2016 and keep old one in trunk for spare— two-person capacity 3-4 days each cassette. Removable, teak floor mat so bath can be used after showering. We added second shower curtain track and curtain so toilet area and sink can be kept dry during shower if desired. Furnace vent in bathroom.
  • 20 gallon fresh water under seat tank so can be used in freezing temps, water pump replaced 3/17 and inline water filter installed, 20 gallon gray tank
  • 3 ceiling vents: over cab bed, bathroom, and third powered, reversing vent in galley added 2015.
  • (For some reason European campers do not come with powered vents)
  • Lights changed to LED 2015
  • 3 burner, glass covered stove top; over stove light
  • Stainless sink with drain board
  • Wall mounted knife rack
  • Large closet, numerous cabinets, lots of counter space
  • Ducted Truma furnace/hot water heater with auto low temperature drain. If temperature drops below 34 degrees and heat is not on, boiler automatically drains to prevent freeze up. Boiler replaced 2011
  • Electrolux (now serviced as Dometic) 3 way undercabinet refrigerator with full width freezer compartment. Outside 12volt vent fan with on/off switch added 2017
  • Dual pane coach windows with built in screens and black out shades.
  • Divider curtains: cab to coach, over cab bed to coach
  • Fitted thermal covers for cab windows
  • Low amperage, 2 speed swivel 12 volt fan can cool overcab bed or dinette area
  • 2 220 receptacles for when camper plugged in in campground (small electric heater included in equipment)
  • 3 12 volt receptacles in coach; two small US 12 volt to 110 and USB inverters to charge phones,
  • computers, 12 volt hair dryer (included), etc.
  • Solar system installed 2015: 140 watt panel, Trimetric controller, Trimetric meter, 100 amp AGM battery (replaced 2019)
  • Propane: Dual removable tanks. 1 2015 refillable with through the door filler (required in some countries), 4 brass adapters so can be refilled all over Europe and UK, 1 exchange tank kept for backup (exchangeable in Netherlands, Germany, and Austria). Most campers in Europe only come with exchange tanks and nearly every country only does their own. We had to order refillable tank from Germany and with installation set up cost almost $400, but is a necessity for continent-wide travel
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide, propane alarms added or replaced 2015.
  • Awning.
  • Bicycle rack for two bicycles.
  • Full width trunk with two outside locking doors.
  • Camper has security system but though we have manual doesn't seem operable.
  • One bottom dinette cushion beginning to show some wear.
  • Plastic bumpers and one trunk door have cracks and wear and tear from parking incidents over the years; now covered mostly with travel stickers (see pix)

Fiat Ducato 1.9 Turbo Diesel cab, motor, and chassis

  • 5 speed manual transmission, manual locks and windows, radio, 3 speed heat and ventilating fan occasionally will not come on at highest speed. Back up camera installed 2015. Upholstery very good condition.
  • 68,000 miles, (109,000 kilometers), purchased with 48,000 miles. 16-17 miles per gallon
  • We have had it stored inside or under cover every year. Only water leak was once during heavy rain storm driving on expressway into storm, some water was driven under bottom of cab over bed window dampening covers. We have changed oil every 12 to 18 months before storage and have used synthetic oil since 2016.
  • AGM starter battery replaced 8/15
  • Driver rear wheel stub axle, bearings, brakes, timing belt, water pump, radiator fluid all replaced 3/16
  • Front tires replaced with Michelin camper 8/16 at 56,400 miles
  • Reconditioned cab rubber seals 9/17
  • Rear tires replaced with Michelin camper tires, front brakes, motor mounts 5/18,  62,000 miles
  • Passenger rear stub axle and bearings 5/19

Insurance and Registration Options

You can read details of insurance and registration options at in the sales area.

We usually come to Europe for 3 months and sometimes add some additional time in UK. 3 months liability insurance costs if registered in Holland are currently $503. If you have a friend or relative in Europe, you can use their address to register the vehicle and then be able to get much cheaper insurance. Full comprehensive insurance is outrageously expensive at $1500 for 3 months, and I don't really know the details on deductibles, coverage caps, etc. Also it is not available on vehicles older than 8 years. It is the reason we chose to buy an older but reliable vehicle so we could just purchase liability (known as green card) insurance.

The first two years we registered the camper in the Netherlands. We have not registered it since 2016 since that would require having it inspected first which can only be done in the Netherlands. We purchase the export insurance $585 for 3 months) which means we can drive the camper anywhere in Europe, UK, Balkans, Romania, Turkey, etc. EXCEPT for the Netherlands. We have the registration card with BW's name on it which is undated, as is the license plate, and all in Dutch. I can explain how this works better over Skype. The Netherlands does not issue titles for vehicles. Instead we have a Bill of Sale from BW Campers. We would issue you a Bill of Sale from us and also give you ours from BW to prove ownership if ever needed. It all seemed strange to us, but has worked flawlessly and that is just the way it is. Most European countries will not let purchasers keep the registration through the dealer—the Netherlands is the only one we know of that does not require the owner to have a residential address in the country.

Cost Comparison

We have based our price on what we paid, upgrades we have done and current market as reflected at BW Camper site. Rene has a 1999 Fiat Ducato Rotec camper with 302,000 kilometers (187,000) miles with no solar, no multi-country propane system, powered vent, etc, plus none of the dishes, bedding, memory foam, etc. for $16,600. The model is identical to ours except 3 ft longer, which is not an advantage driving or parking in Europe unless you need to sleep 5 people. Of course, the huge difference is the mileage. But at least you know those Ducato engines last a long time. In our experience Rene does not bargain on price. If he has sold that unit, I have the screen shots of its specs and pictures that I can send you.


We can deliver anywhere in the UK or EU from late April until the end of summer 2020. When we sold our 2008 Sprinter van camper in 2013 to an American couple, we met at a campground in Rome that had cabins and spent a couple of days familiarizing them with the vehicle. By the way, they are still happily using it every year in Europe since then, and we keep in touch if you want a reference.

Happy to answer any questions: or we can Skype.

Pix are here!