2015 Insurance Issues for US RVs in Europe

From 2009 to 2013 we purchased insurance for our American RV for use in Europe from Thum

Insurance. Choices were liability only at about $1000 a year to full comprehensive with a $2,500

deductible from about $550 a month for 3 months or so to $450 a month for 9 months. Thum wrote

this insurance through a German firm with the carrier AIG. In February of 2015 AIG withdrew

from the tourist market. Thum is trying to find other providers.

Providers that I did find and the quotes I received were:

Knop tours: 545E for 3 months liability only. Did not get comprehensive quote.

Motorcycle express: $3,550. for 3 months comprehensive for 50,000E coverage.

BW Campers: only liability available. 3 months: 620E 6 months: 1,005E

We decided to purchase a cheap European camper from BW and get only liability. Insurance is

less than for a US registered vehicle but registration is more. Hopefully, more companies will

decide to enter the market and prices will come down.